Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Three Short Fiction Outlines

          Three Short Fiction Outlines

          Outline for an SF story
          Cyber world malware woes:
          Corrupted cryptosystems; Pretty Awful Privacy
          Cryptovirus: it says, send us money if you ever want to see your data again. Used by the state; tax viruses!
          Put together and they spell, corrupted cryptovirus!
          Offline world as revolutionary. Online world reveres credit, barely tolerates cash, demonises gold; reverse orientation offline.

          Star Truck
          Outline of a video series
          Rosanne in space. It’s a working-class space freighter family.
          Intro sequence:
          “We can’t all be heros. We can’t all be leaders. We can’t all save the day. Somebody has to live the day. Somebody has to haul that load. Somebody has to do the work.
          A family business, with dad captain and wife and sullen teenage son and smart teenage daughter aboard.
          Scary aliens and space travails as usual; but also space bureaucrats, and seeing Federation officers from the taxpayer’s point of view.

          The Damnation of Roland Ranger
          Outline for a play
          Roland Ranger, washed-up actor, makes a deal with the Devil; his soul in exchange for charisma.
          And so he is loved no matter what he does; but as the play progresses, he progressively loses his wits. By the nature of the deal, he never fully comprehends what he has signed away; not at first, because he hadn’t lost his wits yet, and not at the end, because he had. Only around the middle does he half-understand.

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