Thursday, October 17, 2013

War On Some Drugs

       War On Some Drugs
            Sketch of a story

          Set in an alternate universe where different drugs are illegal. Reversals; pot, coke, downers, heroin are legal, but not chocolate, alcohol and tobacco. LSD is still illegal – some things are the same in every universe.

          A chocolate-pot-sugar cake is also illegal in most dimensions. Chocolate is denounced from the pulpit as the “Devil’s Dung”.

          A popular soda is called “Caffee-Cola” for what used to be in it. Ishmael’s sells overpriced gourmet coca-leaf brew to stressed-out office workers.
       The main character has a psychedelic hallucination, with visions of gods and monsters, after staying up 4 days on caffeine. A side character shoots up (ho-hum) then lights up (yikes!). “My room-mate’s a smoker!

          Caffeine is smuggled in as an evil white powder; a concentrated drug of abuse, covertly funding reactionary Presidential candidates. Wheeler-dealer “Liv” Puttermore admits to this double-dealing, but challenges our hero to prove it.

          At the end, the War on Some Drugs leaves behind its old targets and shifts to banning Rogaine, Prozac, Viagra and RU486.

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