Friday, October 18, 2013



I write today about the mercenary war criminal gang formerly known as Blackwater but later called Xe.
          Xe?! When I first heard that I thought, those Bushites are a literary gift that keep on giving! Found poetry this pungent begs to be co-opted for satirical literary use; so what over-the-top fantasy entity or place should be named Xe? Obviously evil. Perhaps a part of the underworld, for mercs, frauds and war criminals? Or an evil spirit of that name, reponsible for those crimes? Or maybe a ruthless meddling space-alien Grey? Xe might be the name of an accursed palace, or a falling tyrant's doomed bunker.

          Let me put it all together, in this precis:


          Xe is a ruthless meddling saucer-riding space-alien Grey; a mercenary, fraud and war criminal, running a gang of the same. "Xe" is in fact a pronoun in xir language, denoting the third (transmission, or apex) sex in xir biology. The fact that Xe was referring to xirself as a pronoun indicates Xe's alienation.

          Part of Xir MO is psychic terrorism. Xe derives the power of xir telepathic assaults from the flaws in xir own personality, which grow with each success. Soon Xe is quite mad, as is the entire Xe enterprise. Soon their plans collapse, and Xe and xir closest associates take refuge in xir super-bunker; an underground arcology also named Xe.

          But vengeance pursues them, and lays seige on the underlord's planet with asteroid strikes. In the final megaseconds Xe goes raving mad, ordering into battle spacefleets long vaporized, ranting loudly of the incompetence of underlings and the ingratitude of the masses. Just before the arcology falls, Xe teeks xir own brains out.

          There, I've written it! Xe, indeed!

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