Monday, December 2, 2013

The Clever Bankster, an Underfable

          The Clever Bankster
          (after Luke 16:1-8)

          Once upon a time, the Martian Overlord said to his Bankster, “I hear that you’ve been dipping into funds. I demand an audit!”
          The Bankster told himself, “He’s going to fire me. What to do? I’m too stupid for programming and too sane for politics, so I’d better buy friends.” The Bankster called in each of the Overlord’s debtors and let each one sign off on a reduced debt.
          When the Martian Overlord’s spies told him this, he said, “What a clever crook! The natives are so astute about each other!”

          Moral:  Buy friends now while you’ve still got the dough.

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