Monday, December 23, 2013

On Corporate Religion

On Corporate Religion

I hear that the Supreme Court shall soon consider a case where the owners of a corporation do not wish to pay for their workers' abortions; they claim that would violate the corporation's religious rights under the first amendment.

More absurd fallout from Citizen's United! For how can corporations have religion? They don't even have souls! According to Justice Brandeis, corporations have 'no bodies to condemn or souls to damn'. So if a corporation is to have a religion, then it must be a religion for persons without souls.

What might such a religion be? Satanism, perhaps? Or Objectivism? Your suggestions are welcome!

I ask because this could be material for a fantasy story. Our hero visits Hell, he encounters a Corporation, the soulless monster expounds upon its religion, a faith suitable for soulless monsters. The satirical possibilities are endless.

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