Friday, December 6, 2013

Zombie POV, A Movie Sketch

Zombie POV
          Outline for a movie

          This is a zombie tale, told from the zombie’s point of view. The zombie never realizes he’s a zombie; to him he looks normal, not a decaying horror; it’s everyone else who looks like a zombie, to him. Our heroid’s name is Kruger Dunning; after the Dunning-Kruger Effect, in which the incompetent are incompetent at realizing their own incompetence.
          Kruger Dunning dies, is buried, revenates, and digs himself out of the ground. We the viewer see him as he sees himself; normal; and we see the real humans as Kruger Dunning sees them; as decaying monsters. To himself he moves at a normal speed (but with a persistent stumble) and all the others move super-fast. On occasion he shambles past a mirror, and we see him in it, in all his rotten glory, but of course Kruger Dunning doesn’t notice. He wonders out loud how the zombie apocalypse got everyone except him.
          In the end he loses of course; the ‘zombies’ – i.e. real humans – are smarter and quicker and stronger than he is. In fact we come out looking like really scary monsters. Also he’s plagued by heat, cold, injuries and insects. In the end a pack of  dogs sniff at him, and he decides to lie down and ‘take a nap’.

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