Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Terabuck Loan, an Underfable

        The Terabuck Loan
          (after Matthew 18:23-25)

          Once upon a time, a Bankster begged Uncle Sam for an extension on Sam’s terabuck loan. “I’ll get it back to you, I swear,” babbled the Bankster.
          “You messed up,” said Sam. “That’s what you needed the terabuck for! So when will I get back my money?”
          “Not right now, but soon!”
          Uncle Sam sighed. “All right. But this is your last chance!”
          The Bankster left Sam; and to the first person the Bankster met he said, “Pay me back the thousand dollars you owe me.”
          That person said, “I’ll get it back to you, I swear! Soon!”
          “Not good enough,” said the Bankster. “This is your last chance! Give me my money or else!”
          The Bankster did this everywhere he went, and word of this got to Sam. Uncle Sam summoned the Bankster and raged at him. “You hypocrite! You crook! I should have you thrown into prison!”
          “And then how would you get back your money?” the Bankster boldly retorted. “And then what will you do when your creditors come for you?
          Uncle Sam took the Bankster’s point. He pulled at his beard and he said, “Go, and do my work!”

          Moral:  Shit flows downhill.

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