Monday, December 30, 2013

When Opposites Unite

               When Opposites Unite
               To the tune of “Ballad of Inverness”, or “Three Drunken Maidens”

Now, four-and-twenty opposites,  they went to Inverness
And when it all was over, there were four-and-twenty less.

Have a ball with your partner when you’re up against the wall
The night was made to make it if you wanna be made at all.

Position and momentum, they would fill you full of doubt
When the one was concentrated, then the other one spread out

The questions and the answers, would their follies ever end?
For every time an answer came, a question rose again.


Now space and time were very fine, they truly made the night
For their fixin’ turned to mixin’ when they reached the speed of light

The local and the global, you could see them here and there
Right here they’re interacting, ‘cause the here is everywhere


Creation and destruction, they will satisfy your yen
If you haven’t made perfection, then you’d better start again

Now, true and false could really waltz, they sure were in the groove
You really don’t know dancing if you haven’t seen them move


Reality and fantasy were truly hot to trot
We tried to separate them, but we knew that we could not

Oh, yes and no were on the go, they sparkled like a gem
Their search was not exhaustive, but it sure exhausted them.


A toast to self and other, for they had the greatest fun
They dove into each other and they merged right into one.

Now, life and death will catch your breath, so don’t be so upset
If you think the show is nothing, then you ain’t seen nothing yet.


Oh, now the song is over, yet it’s also just begun;
If you can solve the riddle, even you can join the fun!

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