Tuesday, May 13, 2014

An Act of Love

        An Act of Love

          Once upon a time, a Satanist was chilling out at home when there was a knock at the front door. He opened the front door, and there stood Jesus.
          The Satanist said “You again?! Now what?”
          Jesus said, “They’re after me again. Please hide me.”
          The Satanist said “Come in.” Jesus just stood there, so the Satanist said, “Come in, come in.”
          Jesus came in, and the Satanist led him to his bedroom closet. The moment he shut the closet, there was a loud pound at the front door. The Satanist opened the front door, and there stood a Federal Agent, in suit and tie and mirror shades.
          The Agent flashed a badge and said, “Homeland Security.” He showed a picture of Jesus. “Have you seen this individual? He’s wanted for questioning.”
          The Satanist briefly considered saying, “Come in, come in, come in.” But instead he said, “That bum? I haven’t seen that commie hippy freak in ages. Good luck finding him!” And he closed the door.

          Moral: Opposition is true friendship.

          Commentary: More respectable folk would have betrayed such a guest by honesty or by anxiety. The Agent was trained to detect deception, but the Satanist was emotionally sincere though factually inaccurate.

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