Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dilemma 13: Dilemma Checkers

Dilemma Checkers

Dilemma Checkers starts out almost like zero-sum Checkers; but each side has one “Emperor” piece, whose capture is the point of the game. Each side’s Emperor starts out in the isolated corner. The Emperor moves like a king, in all four diagonal directions; it captures by jumping, and it can decline captures.

Dilemma Turkish Checkers, or Sultan’s Dilemma, is played on an 8x8 chessboard; each side occupies two end ranks (1,2 for White, 7,8 for Black); 15 men and 1 Sultan each; the Sultans on a5 and h4; Sultans and men move 1 square per turn horizontally or vertically; capture pieces by jumping over them, with multiple jumps allowed. The Sultan’s capture is the point of the game.

In both of these games, define truce, draw, win and lose as in King’s Dilemma: mutual checkmate for truce, no checks possible for draw, undeterred checkmate for win/lose.

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