Friday, April 5, 2013

Dilemma 5: Dilemmizing Games

 Part 2: 
Hoyle’s Dilemma

Dilemmizing Games

Given a zero-sum game, how do you make a dilemma game of it? I know two ways: by “goals” and by “showdown”.

The “goals” truce is for games based on scoring points. Instead of comparing the players’ scores to each other, we shall instead compare both to a pre-set “goal”. We award truce to both players if they both reach the goal; win/lose if only one player reaches goal; and draw if neither reaches goal. Thus the “goals” truce resembles dilemma tournament scoring. Parley (see below) has a “goals” truces.

In a “showdown” game, play continues for at least one move after one player attains a win state. If the other player attains a win state in time, then the game truced; otherwise it’s win/lose; and if neither attains a win state, that’s draw. Dilemma Tic-Tac-Toe, King’s Dilemma, Dilemma Checkers, Sultan’s Dilemma and Dilemma Chess are showdown games.

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