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Dilemma 9: Dilemma Card Games

Dilemma Card Games

Parley is also called “Dilemma War”. Like War, the basic move is card matching. Cards can be nice or mean; half of the deck is each. Outcomes are given by the usual dilemma matrix:
A,B                                nice                 mean
A            nice                 Truce               Lose, Win
mean                Win, Lose        Draw
Match cards for several rounds; sum scores and compare with goal.
If  lose = 0, draw = 1, truce = 2, and win = 3, then    goal  equals (3/2)*(# plays); the “Army” system. If the outcome scores are -3,-1,1,3, then goal = 0; the “Navy” system.
This game has many variants. One can vary the definition of niceness, and the method of play, and the number of rounds.
Niceness definition for 52 card deck:
nice     =          wild color (red or black)
nice     =          2 wild suits (H/S, H/C, D/S, D/C)
nice     =          ace, face, wild suit, wild card
nice     =          red 7 or higher, aces low
nice     =          red 8 or higher, aces high
If jokers are in the deck, call them “nice”.
The reverse of each of these definitions also works.

Here are two methods of play:
2’s play: deal out two pairs of cards at a time; one pair for each player; open hands. The players choose a card from each. There are 13 rounds; the goal equals 20 points.
3’s play: deal out two triples of cards at a time; one triple for each player; closed hands. The players choose a card from each; then the discard deck is recycled for 6 more triples. There are 14 rounds; goal = 21 points.
The variant chosen is negotiated before play.

In this card-matching game, three of the suits are arranged in a scissors-cuts-paper preference loop. For instance; spades over hearts over diamonds over spades. (Clubs wild.) As in dilemmized scissors-cuts-paper, new ties truce and old ties draw.

Also called “Dilemma Poker”. Each round gives each player 2 hands of 5 cards each. These hands they can compare as poker hands; nice = 1 pair or up. Match hands; then you may display discard hands. Repeat, summing points; compare with goal.

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