Monday, April 8, 2013

Dilemma 6: Dilemma Finger-Matching

Dilemma Finger-Matching

This is a dilemmized version of the odd-evens finger game.
In this, the two players simultaneously show fingers; one or two. If both show one, truce; if both show two, draw; if it’s two-against-one, two wins. This way two can play a dilemma tournament quickly and easily.
Scoring requires a sharp-eyed referee; but one can neglect that for the sake of game flow.

The two players simultaneously show “Rock”, “Paper” or “Scissors”; as usual, scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, and rock breaks scissors. To dilemmize scissors-cuts-paper, I add one more rule, governing ties:
“New ties truce, old ties draw.”
Trucing players must keep moving the tie to keep the truce; a built-in dynamic. Call the entire game a truce if a truce cycle goes around once.
Here truce is complicated by co-ordination as well as by temptation. Which way do you and your partner spin for the truce? To find out, play!

Three-Way Scissors-Cuts-Paper:
Three players show “Rock”, “Paper” or “Scissors”, with the usual dominance cycle. One player can beat two;  two players can beat one; all three players the same equals draw; all three players different equals truce.

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