Thursday, January 3, 2013

Do Pro-Lifers Exist: Eve, the Liberty Tree, and the Universe

3. Eve, the Liberty Tree, and the Universe

         In the last two days of blogging I have said that there is no such thing as a pro-lifer, because there is no such thing as a free lunch. Today I support this thesis by referencing the Bible, and also Nature.

        I cite the Book of Genesis; in particular, the tale of the Garden of Eden. In it, Eve eats of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, rather than the Tree of Life; so she and Adam are cast forth from the Garden. This is often read as a tragic fall; I prefer to read it as a successful escape, with Eve as the heroine.

         For what is this Tree that she eats of? Knowledge of Good and Evil? Or in other words moral choice; for without knowing good from evil there is no moral choice; but with such knowledge there must be such choice. So this was the Tree of Choice; the Tree of Free Will; or in other words, that most American of mythic vegetation, the Liberty Tree.

         ‘Twas the mind-opening fruit of the Liberty Tree that liberated Eve, and Adam with her. (First she was the sidekick, then he was!) She might have then eaten of the Tree of Life, and then also be immortal; but jealous Yahweh forbade that. So the choice offered Eve was between choice and immortality; and the mother of us all chose choice. Freedom over security!

         Eve and Adam could have eaten of the Tree of Life, and lived forever, without choice; but  instead they ate of the Liberty Tree, and got choice, but not eternal life. Presumably the events in Genesis occurred according to the will of God; therefore in Genesis, God was pro-choice, but not pro-life.

         This biblical teaching is confirmed by scientific observation. Look around at the world; we all appear  to have free will, but definitely do not have eternal life. Quantum uncertainty and chaos ensure that all things around us have some freedom of action; but no eternal beings are visible; indeed, 99.999+%  of the universe is cold dark irradiated vacuum. The universe is pro-choice, but not pro-life.

        Therefore pro-lifers do not exist in this universe.

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