Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Underfables: Cattitude


         Once upon a time a Barn Cat, hunting for mice at the circus, stopped and sat and stared.
         A Panther turned his head and narrowed his eyes. He growled, “What are you looking at?”
         The Barn Cat said, “I’m looking at a whole lot of big cat.”
         The Panther rumbled, “Do go on.”
         The Barn Cat said, “Your sleek physique! Your mighty thews! Your claws! Your fangs! You, sir, are a killing machine!”
         The Panther purred, “I could kill you in an instant.”
         “I’d be a snack!” said the Barn Cat, “ - if you could reach me through those bars.”
         The Panther hissed, “Shut up!”
         The Barn Cat said, “And what strong bars! And what a big cage!”
         The Panther was silent.
         “Oh well,” said the Barn Cat, “I think I’ll go somewhere else now. See ya!” And the Barn Cat strolled away, tail high.

         Moral:  Blessed be liberty.

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