Monday, January 28, 2013

Underfables: Seventy-Two White Raisins

Seventy-Two White Raisins

Once upon a time a young Jihadi appeared at the gates of Paradise, from out of a sudden burst of smoke. The Jinn  guarding the gates welcomed the defender of the faith, and into the Jihadi’s hand – still streaming smoke – the Jinn pressed his reward; six dozen white raisins. The Jinn said, with a smile, “They are as pure as they are white!”
The Jihadi replied, “Seventy-two white raisins?  But the Imam promised me seventy-two virgins!
The Jinn said, “That passage was mistranslated. And just what kind of an establishment do you think we are running here, young man?”

Moral: Beware the fine print. 

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