Friday, January 4, 2013

Do Pro-Lifers Exist: Pro-Life Wizard

          4. Pro-Life Wizard
          (A fantasy story outline)

          A pious pro-lifer happens also to be a wizard. He gets to thinking; is God pro-life? Or pro-choice? He notices that the world has freedom of the will, but no immortality; so the world seems to be more pro-choice than pro-life. What is God’s role in this?

          Our pro-life wizard investigates; he calls up an angel and a demon. The angel says “foolish mortal, yours is not a pro-life universe.” The demon promises “a new world order of absolute moral clarity, immortality and a free lunch”. So guess what, God’s pro-choice. 

          So does our wizard rebel? But the other side offers a different bargain; a world with immortality but no free will. Would such tyranny, however benevolent, be desirable? Or would our wizard rather die?

          Meanwhile, a fellow pro-lifer is planning vigilante justice. He tells the wizard, “The women who abort are murderesses, they must be punished, I have organized and armed a squad, we will take action at such-and-such a time and such-and-such a place.”

          Our wizard hears him out, goes home, and thinks it over. Then he calls the cops, to warn them. When he hangs up the phone, he notices that his hand has a tiny little tremor. Wizardly, he intuits the cause: Parkinson’s. The tremor will slowly worsen over the decades; eventually it will kill him.

          But the wizard smiles. “That’s it?” he says to the air. “That’s the worst you can do?” And he laughs.

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